Titan Gel – size does matter! UPDATE 2018

In an intimate relationship between a woman and a man, every single moment matters. But neither psychological compatibility, nor romantic gestures, nor beautiful courtship, nor expensive gifts will make your lover really happy, if the size of your penis is a bit too small.

90% of men are seriously concerned about the size of their penis. And for good reason. Only few were gifted with the desirable 20-25 cm. As a result, the majority of men are dissatisfied, which prevents them from living a happy and fulfilling life.

  • Lack of self-confidence.
  • Fear of relationships with the opposite sex.
  • Fear of failing to satisfy your partner in bed.
  • Irritability, anxiety, nervousness.
  • Failure at work and in other areas of life.

Is it possible to solve the problem without resorting to surgery?

To date, there is only one method of non-surgical penis enlargement—treatment with Titan Gel. What is Titan Gel?

Titan Gel is a topical medication capable of enlarging the penis by up to 5 cm within a month.

When used regularly, the gel has a beneficial effect on potency. At the same time, its increases the blood supply to the penis. As a result, longer lasting sexual intercourse and more intense orgasms occur.


Titan Gel: benefits

  • Penis enlargement by 2 to 5 cm (depending on the initial penis size and frequency of use).
  • Improvement of blood circulation in the genital area by 50%. You can forget about age-related potency problems and premature ejaculation.
  • Prolongation of a sexual intercourse.
  • More pleasant sensations during sex. Intense and long lasting orgasms.
  • Improvement in sperm quality and count.
  • Lubrication during sexual intercourse (if you apply it before sex).

 More feedback and recommendations for using Titan Gel

Composition The effect of Titan Gel is attributable to its 100% natural ingredients.

  • Thistle. Increases blood circulation in the groin area and stimulates the production of testosterone. The extract of this plant is notable for containing no harmful substances, and it can be used in any quantity without restrictions.
  • Peruvian maca. Contains plenty of A, C, B1, and B2 vitamins, 17 amino acids, iodine, iron, zinc and other essential micronutrients. In addition, maca stimulates the prostate and improves sperm production. This is particularly important in case of conception problems.
  • Lichen extract. Relaxes genital smooth muscle, reduces the tone of the walls of the cavern. Because of this, they become more elastic, allowing the penis to enlarge in a natural way.
  • Horny goat weed. Improves the condition of blood vessels, stimulates erections. Stimulates the production of hormones responsible for sexual attraction, including testosterone, serotonin and norepinephrine.
  • Support components which form the gel’s pleasant texture. Titan Gel is quickly absorbed, immediately moisturising and softening the skin. It does not cause any discomfort during sexual intercourse and leaves no stains on the clothes.

How to use Titan Gel?

Gel for man
How to use?

90% of Titan Gel reviews are positive. The absence of a result can be explained by only one reason: its MISUSE.

How to apply the gel? See the detailed instructions below.

  • Wash your penis with soap and wipe it dry.
  • Create an erection. THIS IS A MUST!
  • Apply a small amount of gel over the base of the erect penis.
  • Spread the gel evenly over the surface of the penis using massage movements, working from the base to the head. Massage the penis for 10 to 15 minutes. The longer the duration, the quicker you will achieve the result.
  • If possible, have a sexual intercourse immediately after applying the gel.
  • Use Titan Gel daily for 1 month.


Effectiveness of the gel

  • Week 1. The sensitivity of the penis increases, sexual intercourse lasts 1.5 times longer.
  • Week 2 The first visible results can be seen. The penis gets enlarged by 1 to 2 cm.
  • Week 3. Penis enlargement by 2 to 4 cm occurs. Orgasms become more intense and last longer.
  • Week 4. Average result: penis enlargement by 4 to 5 cm. The diameter of the penis increases. Sexual intercourse lasts for about 30 minutes. Erection occurs faster, libido increases.

The result achieved by using Titan Gel is forever! No additional course of application is required. Titan Gel: where to buy?

results - titan gel
Before and After

You can order Titan Gel at the official website of the manufacturer only.

Why isn’t Titan Gel sold anywhere else? This is due to a large number of fakes.

The original Titan Gel can only be bought HERE. Shopping elsewhere (including other online stores) will harm both your wallet and your health. Counterfeit products are made with dubious components, which may include harmful substances (from allergens and carcinogens).

How to order Titan Gel?

  • follow this link;
  • fill in the form;
  • wait for the manager to contact you. If necessary, delivery and payment details will be clarified;
  • receive your order at the scheduled time. This product is posted anonymously. Privacy is guaranteed by both the manufacturer and the supplier of the gel.

Titan Gel is the only proven way to enlarge the penis by up to 5 cm in record time.
We recommend it!


  • Tanging likas na paglago
  • Pinapahaba ang pagtatalik ng 3 oras
  • Ang kalidad ng pagtayo ay napabuti ng maraming beses


Titan Gel: the latest facts – 2018

The average growth in the length of the penis after a Titan Gel course is 3-5 cm. The thickness of the penis increases by 1-2 cm.

Record holder to increase the penis with the help of the cream is Briton Willie S. Judging by his statements on the Internet and real photos, he managed to enlarge his penis from 16 to 27 cm.

With an average vaginal depth of 8-13 cm, a woman needs a penis over 15 cm to fully satisfy her. Size does matter – it is a fact! And yes, women love bigger penises…

To measure the penis from the bottom you should start at the pubic bone, and not on top so it is is better for you to track the dynamics of its growth after Titan Gel.

How to measure the penis in thickness? We take a piece of thread and wrap it around the penis and then measure the resulting segment with a ruler.

Smoking causes the penis to shrink by about 1-2 cm. So, before you buy Titan Gel, it would not hurt to quit smoking.

At present, the lipofilling procedure (an increase in the volume of some parts of the body due to the introduction of the patient’s own adipose tissue there) is also performed on the penis. With the same results, Titan Gel is much safer in this sense.

In addition to increasing the penis, Titan Gel strengthens and prolongs orgasms. If before Titan Gel you finished in just 5-6 seconds, then now you will last 15-20 seconds.

Titan Gel affects the quality and quantity of sperm. Get ready to finish copiously! And some people have been cured of infertility. The smell and taste of sperm is not affected.

There is a very rare ilness when a man is born without a penis. Unfortunately, Titan Gel is useless in this case.

In the long term, the advertised Viagra loses to Titan Gel. First, it does not enlarge the penis. Secondly, frequent use of Viagra can lead to thrombosis. Titan Gel does not harm your health.

Naturally the penis grows up to 20 years old. After this age, it can be increased only by artificial methods (Titan Gel, extender, surgery, etc.).